Monday, 24 November 2008

Been a WHile..

huhuh its been a while kan tak update blog..

im being busy..entertaining some fwens some gurls n her...


sorry blog~!!

smday i'll spice up this blog, putting sm nice pics..aitteeeee..
nways life is good..never been better eventhough is not..but what to do..
life goes on...nothing to regret..if i regret it would be the same..

so have fun...duit of kos la satu masalah kan...but why burden myself to think bout money..

so im goin to spend some time wit my opis mate...p kena sup bak kate lyna..ngidam sup plak mlm2 nih..

llyna nih jage account ***** kat hp nih...
strict sikit account die..die ngan bo..huhuhu coincidentally same lak nick ngan die..hahah

so guys..lets see if the got the sup to catter us tonite~!!(finger cross)

bubye blog~!

gile manja ayat aku nih...

i am mirorring u...what do i is not bout u jer--emosi nih~!!
ko jgn sibuk dang~!

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