Friday, 31 October 2008

Last Nite

last nite my fwen Jubit went to Murni- dah la tak ajak..siap call tanye direction lg tuh..hahah
yesterday was quite a boring day..not goin anywhere jus here at home and around mwt..

went to ttdi oso ysterday..went to sent my mom and aunty there..then lepak mohsin jumpe Bai(ther) hahaha
he hv the sm thought of goin to genting this weekn, so we might meetin up there..


last nite tot of hangin out wit sm fwen tp malas gle nak kua..
today, Tam ajak pg karok but dont have any money la Tam..deym..
so tomorrow thinkin of spendin sm time wit her..enjoyin sm mv n great dinner nanti..
if we happen to go to the city of entertaiment wo bould so nice duh..haha lame gle tak pg..

suddenly my head start thinkin of y KIn said i was a hypocrite, i do, i admit it. then how?
i hv to, its not u guys r fightin nanti..its let me worried bout it, so let me be hypocrite..its a a way i handle the situation...i had enough of relationship drama..its enough..dont care if i lied, its not that i did smthn wit any gurl..jus hangin out je be it i am a hypocrite..hahhhaha

lookin at my fcbook...everyone bz uploadn new pics..i tot so myself but malas duh..haha
might be uploadin sm pics nanti2 la..

please let smthing happen to me..whether its good or not...its the same thing day by day...
huhu sangap duh..haha cuti lame sgt pun bosan gak..hahaha

Thursday, 30 October 2008


Desa View..
wonder why its called desa view....haha

at 10pm, i received a text from Gaya(my penolong ketua kelas in f-5) invitin to lepak2 at dv with Elle(also my f-5 classmt) and Koon Tim(a very the shy gurl oso in my class).

they were already waitin for me with their laksa in front of them waitin to be eaten like a gorilla tak mkn sebulan...hahaha
i arrived wit manap whos a fwen of mine since form-3, which he said that he was already at DV (tp sebenarnya baru otw tuh) and we sat there lookin at these young good lookin gurls eatin laksa blaming me was sombong lately...i was busy makin money fwens~!! hahaha

s we sat there blabbering about works, money, butt(GAYA la ckp pasal ni), opn hse and macam2 la..
so we then i came out with my great idea sayin that i created a first Gaya said it gayish of me writin a blog..then Elle gv me sm idea but wit her small laughes oso..jahat gile..Kooon jgak baik..very supportive tp gelak gak a..haha and i said that i really like to read others nyer blogs thats y i tried creatin mine...then they were all bangin thier head tryin to understan what am i talkin bout..hahah which i dont think they do..

Manap as usual bringin up a very hard question that i reallly coudln answer...whether did she noes or not??
off couse la tak kan..hahah

Lookin at my V3xx, the clock showed dat its already 11 pm, i need to go deposit my payment at ctbnk b4 12, then we decided to take off as Koon kn pg keje n Gaya sibuk nak ikut pg jogin tomorrow..Elle nakk balik gak kot..then Manap sent me home and while on our way we managed to arranged some activities this wkends if i might not goin to genting...

Safely paid my debt for last month crdt card ..
Really need to lesser my usage for card was in my head all along,while on my way back home.
gile hutang bnykk mude2 nih.hahah

so what im tryin to say for this post was, DV is located near my house and has been our place of lepaking among all my fwens there..senang kan...kawan2.hahaha

P/S Elle kn blanje mkn nanti....hahaha

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

off day


My off day is merely a minutes away...
huhuhu spending a gruesome 11 hours and 49 minutes stuck between the hard chair which makin my back ache and my monitor. now its 11 minutes more till my off day..

goin to genting this weeknd and spendin time with my father coz he asked me quite frequently to help him collects "batu sungai" for our newly built "rumah kayu" at the kebun..

huhuhu sian budak2 kena keje paden muke korang...
me enjoyin some rest at me bed..huhu seless...

ok then ..till my next post..

futsal this friday...will try to organise a freindly between me team n fariz's...

chiau sin

4 am Wednesday

its already 4am...

what am i doin?
reading others blog, utubing, 3gp-ing(hahah), disturb my officemate, dreamin of my dream car....

so damn bored duh..lookn at other people doin their werk makes me pitty of them..working their asses out for the sake of makin money..

me?hahah im workin oso but rather less the workload ...therefor no work for me = boring...
internet suppose to be multitaskin work that u could do in the same time...but
what more ?

might be i dont noe the best website to look at or i am that boring person if u noe me that u dont noe what to talk about...

i remember a fwen of mine..
this was a few months back, before raya this year.
there were 5 of us..while walking to PBD-pusat bandar dmnsara- at the the small path through the side of HP building, we were talking about common topic that guys will bring out when r together- girls..


so came out the story of their favourite "blue" websites..haha
then someone said that it would be redtube..then others oso were talking bout it..then we argued bout which is the better sites and bla bla..

so while havin our supper..theres a guy in our group of 5, was so quiet, acted like he was innnocent, i was the only person that noticed it but didnt told anyone bout it..

then the walk back to the office, with nothing to talk about, everyone were stuffed and bz smokin and textin thier gf wishing selamat bersahur..

so i am at the office n the climax of this story is about to happen...
the one guy that was acting inocent was at his curiousty makes me walk to his cubicle to check what was he up to..i sneaked behind him and found out that he was checking all the websites that we talked while walkin to pbd jus now..hahahahahahah the best of all his hands was busy handlin his "johny"hahahahah

i broke out with a big laugh......that guy was never seen before in my team..hahah because i got kick-out from that account.haha n that guys change his team which are not the same shift with mine..

so its 4.30 now..smokey break..

later then...chiow

sangap gile

pergh baru kul 2....
keje smpai pg mkn tido bngun mkn keje blk..
mmg best la kan

keje siang best sebab rase sekejap gile, sedar2 da blk
kalau keje mlm tak pressure lansung , boleh pakai jeans n shirts bese2, bos pun takder
nak wat pe wat la janji jgn tido....hahaha mmg aku tido aa..

tp yg best kalau aku keje, aku leh kuar masuk opis cam ayah aku nyer company..
sebab account yg aku jage server die nih (PepsiCo) still baru lg ngan HP
so server problem sangat la sikit..takder masalah lg la
tu keje aku mgular bak kata kate mira, judang(hahahah), apez dan ramai lg yg jeles..

facebook pun da takde modal nak wat per da..
gadis bnyk tp sume nak sombong jer
profile tak nak bg org tgok..wat pe facebook duh kalau tak kasi tgok kan?
haha tapi aku pun same atas sebab2 munasabah...kire tak hipokrit la kan..hahah
tp ada satu gadis name gwen nih..huhuh sgat "baik duh " , die tak hipokrit la sebab aku
leh tgok profile die...hahah

ermm sumpah sangap gile duh..
tak tau nak wat pe da nih...sian fariz da macam macai da jg account delphi..
-masak la ko botak kepala nanti da sebulan keje nanti...hahahhaha

nak pikir pasal duit mmg tak la..aku tau aku susah simpan duit so tak yah cite
pasal keje da cite da
pasal aku, nanti2 la..bnyk mase lg

sebenarnya aku tak berape sure sgt bloggin nih pasal ape...mira ckp pasal nak meluah kan ati la
say what u wanna say n dont think of others people said..
tah la ada betul gak..

tp kalau bace org nye best gak..hahah

sumpah sangap duh mlm ni...



i was thinkin of her
i dont no why but in my head i wanted to see her again for so long since u went to my house
jus want to see her, talk, hear and touch her...


ur name also kinda weird
admit that i read ur blog, i do like what i see..
u r being urself, happy and goin through ur life normally

i dunno
u've created smthin in me that is quite hard to throw it away
even though what i've did in the past

if u could eventually read this..
I'm deeply sorry for what i've done
sorry for what I've said
sorry that i messed up urlife before


Tuesday, 28 October 2008


servin HP as an is really interesting..but boring in a way if u r really a dummy in IT..
hahaha which is me..

sangat boring do jage server nih...tapi if ada probs...sangat penat duh..
kelam kabut gile..

but here is where i find me new fwens..
too many fwen coz im the one that get kick from 1 account to another..hahah ape da.
today werkin from 8 pm to 8 am...
gile lame

trun jap bawah for smokey tadi sorang at 12pm..
gle cuak the lift suddenly stop at 3a @ 4th floor...the floor was so tinted gle hitam duh..
to press the close button pun tak sanggup, afraid that a hand will reach to the door to open..

hahaha penakut aku nih..

nways werkin here is ok la..gaji mmg mane2 pun tak pnah cukup so ignore je la pasal gaji..the
environment ok, everyone fwendly and then bos pun sportin + sexy..hahaha

then came to a gurl that i just knew this few month nih...baik gle as in baik la..bukan "baik" tuh..
she gave me a slice of her subway "roti besar" tadi..sedap gak la..thanks chama..huhu

here werkin in shift, makin female gender lesser than us guys coz of the night shift..not good for them kot and the typical malay thingkin dat woman should not werk till late at night...pape tah

ape aku ngarut pasal gadis lak nih...keje takde patut a...
thats y im able to write this blog, no work ma..huhu as wat fariz said..

fariz : ko nih makan gaji bute jer...



28-10-2008 Tuesday 22:47


the date 28th October 2008,
first time writing this..
dont have any idea why la i created this..this blog thingy.

all this sebab mira(this small gurl sittin next to me in the office) la.
at first i always read some other people's blog, then suddenly she asked me to create one..
just to see what i felt after doin it.

erm, seems a bit malu gak la..
still wondering whats the purpose of all this bloggin things, when i read others people nyer, i felt like im watchin reality tv lak..hahaha seyes lebeh kuang duh..
so as a new guy, i dont care what u think of mine..(macam ada org nak bace jer)
so tulis je la kan pape..

nway this is the first post ..

the first but not the last la..i hope.